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Marcel Wah is a Haitian artist who paints as an "instrument for social change" and as a way of speaking about Haiti and the people who live there. "Art is my language, a visual one that expresses my emotions. It is my voice that speaks out when I want to be silent. It is ecstasy which gives my life meaning and fulfillment. It is life itself, which continues to live and breathe long after I leave this Earth. It defines who I am as a person, as a human being. Without my art, I am just a drifter passing through time with nothing to contribute to humanity. Thus, this "thinking through" or exploration of my inner self has brought to light my need to paint. I must not only paint, but I also could not be anything else but an artist. My personality, temperament, thinking, and aspirations all call for it."

Marcel's art features vivid colors, and sweeping lines. His abstract and surreal landscapes and objects each tell an important aspect of the Haitian culture and story. He focuses on a social agenda, and uses his art as his voice to tackle issues that he is "experiencing socially, culturally, and politically." Marcel, a great artist in his own right, also spends his time with his organization promoting Haitian art world wide.

Studio Wah was created in 1994 with the goal of sharing the art and culture of Haiti to a wider audience. In 1995, Studio Wah launched an art store in Haiti, which unfortunately only lasted a few years before a fire destroyed it, to help supply local artists with needed materials. Studio Wah is dedicated to "highlighting the work of modern Haitian painters to show the range of artistic styles growing from Haitian roots", and promoting Haitian art...