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Father Marcellin Champagnat of the small village in the south of France last night witnessed a miracle from Mary.

This all started when father Marcellin heard of a brother in a nearby town who was critically ill. Father set out and crossed the mountains of Pilat. The weather was terrible but father was not going to stop for just a few meters of snow on the ground.

Father Marcellin arrived to the town in reasonable time and administered the last rites to the now dead brother.

Father Marcellin set off home to La Valla soon after the brother died and was accompanied by brother Stanislaus. The two crossed back over the mountain of Pilat again, but were hit by some ferocious snowstorms and violent winds. The two walked for two hours and now were convinced they were lost. The freezing cold started to overwhelm brother Stanislaus. Marcellin was forced to carry him.

Marcellin said to me," the frostbite was so extreme nearly ever last trace of strength was drained from my purple body". Marcellin then started to recite the memorare to the blessed virgin. The drained body of the almost dead brother was saved as Marcellin picked him up over his shoulder and kept walking, but Marcellin had squinted his eyes and was able to make out a light coming from a farmer looking for his sheep.

Marcellin was so relieved the Virgin Mary had blessed him and new he was in her favour.