Was Marcus Brutus a Successful Leader or Was He too Effected by his Personal Life

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A Bloodstained Lionheart

It is natural human instinct to want to try and help those around us yet at the same time, it is also natural human instinct to want to crush those very same people. People have fought over this topic since the beginning of man's history. Even more notable is that humans have been fighting with other humans as well as helping them, even before we had the ability to realize that we were. Throughout history you see common men trying to do uncommon things, to rule over all those around us but be a kind and beneficial to those they rule over. One such instance was that of Marcus Brutus. Brutus's accomplishments were well known, famous, and all done with the intent of helping others, however because of his attitude and poor choices they harmed all those he strived to save.

Marcus Brutus is most known for the assassination of Julius Caesar.

In 44 B.C. Brutus and Cassius, a politician, roman general, and friend of Brutus, attacked and murdered Caesar in the senate house (Trueman). his was not Brutus's first encounter with Caesar, in fact Brutus had been a favored man in Caesars eyes. Caesar pardoned Brutus in 46 B.C. after Brutus fought against him in the battle of Pharsalus (Tiscali). He was then made a Governor and later a praetor, steadily climbing his way up into power. However, Caesar wanted to become the first Roman emperor and take all the power away from the people, Brutus was infuriated at the idea. It did not take much for Cassius to provoke him to want to assassinate Caesar. After Caesar's death Brutus became a more permanent partnership, raising an army and ruling over his provence in Macedonia. However' in 42 B.C. they bit off more than they...