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Margaret Fuller Turning the Pages of Cultural Reform Woman in the Nineteenth Century is a driving force for women to wake up and turn the page. As an individual, Fuller exposes the position of the imperfect man and the situation man has pulled women into. She uses much great sarcasm to uncover the stupidity of the common man to the great sin of assumption. This assumption is that a female is content in being at home, not expressing her feelings or exploring to ?Step beyond the sphere of her sex? (Fuller). Finally, Fuller?s work gives inspiration for the spirituality of women, God?s creation that is being deprived of its nature to grow as an individual in soul and spirit.

Throughout ?Woman in the Nineteenth Century? Fuller uses colorful examples from society to show the reader that women are held captive from their full capacity of self discovery. Fuller proves that in America?s feeble attempt for freedom, women could be in some ways compared to a slave.

Moving quickly into the nineteenth century home, she exposes the great male assumption. Fuller explains that many husbands assume their sheltered wives are happy, but never ask. The male exclaims, ?She is happy enough as she is.? Fuller then remarks, ?Have you asked her whether she was satisfied with these indulgences?? (1024, Fuller) Fuller then points out that if a woman is not allowed the freedom to grow in intellect or act in the public eye, she will not reach her full potential in creating the home. ?Human beings are not so constituted that they can live without expansion. If they do not get it one way, they must in another, or perish? (1027, Fuller).

Although in most of Fuller?s work she points out the male?s weakness, she also begins to unite...