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The writing of Margaret Laurence has inspired all Canadian readers. She was one of Canada's best writers and all around the world people applauded her work. Her writing is outstanding work and has attracted many young readers in this modern society. Also, by her writing, Laurence has turned a town in Manitoba into a new human experience. She has even helped us to learn about the life she has lived by writing fictional novels. The best fictional character that brought the reader closer to Margaret Laurence was the character, Hagar Shipley, in the novel The Stone Angel. Hagar is the most unforgettable female character in all Canadian fiction.

Travel played a major role in Laurence's life. It helped Margaret Laurence by giving her vision in her writing. These journeys helped her to find meaning in human experience. Indeed, much of the third decade of her life was in Africa where her husband worked as an engineer from 1950 to 1957.

Additionally, all her important accomplishments started almost at the beginning of 1947. From 1947 to 1949, she worked as a reporter for The Winnipeg Citizen and she married Jack Laurence (September 1947), returned veteran and civil engineering student. Later Jack graduated from the University of Manitoba, 1949, and the Laurence's went to England.

The work of Jack Laurence took the couple to the British Protectorate of Somaliland, from 1950 to 1952. In 1952, their gorgeous daughter was Jocelyn born. Then, from 1952 to 1957, they lived in Ghana. Their son, David, was born there in 1955. While Margaret Laurence lived in Africa she started to write A Tree For Poverty, Somali Poetry and Prose which was published in Nairobi, in 1954. Then she began her first novel, This Side Jordan and her first African story, "The Drummer of...