Marginalized Women

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Marginalized Women: The Minority's Majority

The written accounts of the prisoner's experiences generates an understanding of the criminal mind state produced by a life of abuse, sex, drugs, and social marginalization which influences their choices, and ultimately their path of life. These paths may take different routes but stem from a pattern of similar demographic characteristics. The intent of this paper is to critically examine marginalized women as the fastest growing prison population in the world (Debbie & Kim, 2011, p. 94), and how improved access to social services may keep marginalized women from ending up in prison by reflecting on the articles.

This paper will be examining the overrepresentation of marginalized and minority women in the prison system. This paper will touch on to the different aspects of the overrepresentation of criminalized women, such as demographics, reasons of overrepresentation, and social services keeping marginalized women from imprisonment. This paper will examine articles from Journals of Prisoners on Prisons. Class notes have been used as a supplementary. The articles for this paper have provided me with valuable insight into the lives of marginalized female prisoners, as well as a critical view of the criminal justice system in particular to women.

Each inmate's account has unique elements, which makes it distinct from one another. After all, each is an individual's personal story. However, from the model of Intersectionality, these factors can be analyzed as contributing factors in crime. This model explains how different experiences interact together creating a specific outcome. For example, gender is a contributing factor in the process of social experiences, such as ethnicity and education. This is the model of analysis in this paper.

The majority of criminalized women share experiences of trauma and abuse, especially those who are aboriginal, beginning from childhood and continuing into...