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The Margot Queen a report written by: Rebecca Aden The opinions expressed in this returned tale are only those of the author. The contents neither were re-examined nor apprové by the University of Augustana. No part of this report can be copied, reproduced gold distributed without the explicit assent of Professor Scott Fish.

THE DATE OF FILM: 1994 REALISATEUR/LA REALISATRICE: Patrice Chereau THE DATE OF EC REPORT: 11/18/97 To consult the English version of this report.

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Words on the Margot Queen.

The Margot Queen is the history, of course, of the princess Margot, her mother Catherine de Médicis, her husband Henri de Navarre, and her brothers. It occurs during the wars between the catholics and the Protestants. The family of Médicis was catholic, however, Charles IX, king de France and the brother of Margot, had a good friend who was Protestant.

This friend used the capacity of Charles for his benefit. **time-out** Catherine, which have be the person which have handle Charles, have force Margot to marry Henri of Navarre, a Protestant, to keep with peace in France.

I think that this film does not show only well the history of these times, but also emotions and reports/ratios. One sees the hatred between the Protestants and the catholics which leads to very alive and bloody. However the words of the Protestant and the plans of the assassins were all the two complexes. One engaged the men to kill them, there were covered books of arsenic, and the make-up mixed with the poison. **time-out** however, it be ironic to note how the emotion which be base on the religion be very high, while the faith and the respect of religion be very low. In the first scene, Margot walked to the church with his mother after the marriage, one moment normally very worthy, but they preferred speech of the wedding night and men whom she liked. Then, one would fight for the religion, but only if it were not necessary to practise it.

One sees very well how Charles IX was not strong and as it became insane. It was very easy for the people to handle it. His/her protesting friend was used for himself of Charles in his stratagem to gain of being able, however Charles thus thought of this friend like ³un père.² Souvent, Charles found a new friend and would stick to him. When Henri saved the life of Charles, Charles appellé the only person in whom it could have confidence. Also, this film draws Charles like a weak king. All the decisions were made by Catherine and so consulting. It seems that Charles did not have the ideas with him. If a decision were too dificile, it played with its dog. The only time that one sees Charles as a complete man is when it remained with his lover and their child.

This film as well shows the relationship between Margot and the men. She was avid and wanted all the capacity. She saw the men like toys and conquests. With much of lovers, it was very strong, and it controlled them. When it married with Henri, it told him " the rules " of their marriage. Henri was not happy, but Margot was stronger. Henri was only the husband of Margot by name. However, during film, Margot A grows like a person. She learned how to respect Henri and also the other men. She helped Henri, and she let Henri help it. With her protesting lover, it learned how to share part of itself. Finally, it changed the relationship with her brothers. At the beginning, she liked them much, perhaps too. Sets they made the decisions. With the end, it stopped to them contrôl on it. **time-out** it have make its own choice and decision, and if its brother agree not d' accord, it them have not eecoutés. Margot found how to be an adult and how to think for itself.

Finally this film paints well the reports/ratios of the family of Margot. The force of Catherine and the way in which it dominated her children were obvious. It is seen as she loved her children but as she adored the capacity. There was much greed between the royal brothers; this is to calir when the Duke of Anjou did not help his brother Charles IX, the king, when he died. The problems of the families were indeed shown.

To conclude, this film was very well made. It is true that there are much violence and nudity, but because of these things, the history was more real. Clothing, colors, and cinematography made all beautiful and good film. One can include/understand the fights of a family, greed for the capacity and the need to control. Also, it is seen how the religions played a significant role; the emotions were very high and the respect was very low. Finally, this film is a good study of the relationship between a family, friends, lovers or enemies. This film is splendid.

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