Marhsall Plan, give a write up of the Marshall Plan, and it effect to post war Europe

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"I need not tell you gentlemen, that the world's situation is very serious. That must be apparent to all intelligent people." This way the opening 2 lines in the speech given by America Secretary of State, General George Marshall, where he unveiled the Marshall Plan on the 5th of June at Harvard University. The Plan was to give the people of Europe a chance to get back to the glory that was held before World War Two.

Goerge Marshall was born on the 31st of December 1880. In 1901 he graduated as the highest rank cadet of his school. During World War One, he was the director of Training and Planning for the First Infantry Division. In the Second World War, George was a member of Joint Chief of Stapp and from 1942 onwards, re-organized the army.

In January 1947 Goerge was named as American Secretary of State. Where he was more famously know for creating this Plan.

The plan main aim was to reduce the HUNGER, HOMELESS, SICKNESS, UN-EMPLOYMENT and POLITICAL RENTLESSNES. This plan was never aimed at helping the indivualws, but to strenghten the econimic superstructure. This plan help some 270 millions people in 16 different countries.

After World War One, the United States, and then the rest of the world fell into the great Depression. It has made a lot of banks, factories and other business close, as they could not afford to open. With this, George Marshall new the effect of that a world war could have on countries. Therefore with this plan, he was trying to make sure that this didn't happen again.

This program cost the American Tax payers $11.8 Billions in Grants, plus another $1.5 billions in loans. In total the cost of this programs was about $13.3 billions. This account to approxiametly...