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Marian Drew

Marian Drew is one of the most significant contemporary Australian photographic artists of today. Marian Drew's photography can be seen as a stepping off point for a journey, either real or imagined. During 2010, Marian Drew and Jorge Deustua began the 'Beyond Landscape' series that involved photographing both natural and manmade forms in Peru and Australia. The series embodies and the explorations of the imagined world, making the landforms look magical, mysterious and intriguing along with the exploration of physical journey when going and obtaining the road kill. Marian Drew also designed a series titles 'Australiana' that involved photographs of Australian road kill set against domestic environments. This series is intimate and conveys strong meaning and intensity about Marian Drew's' beliefs and how she portrays that in her photography.

Journey is evident and explored in bother series. During both series journey is thoroughly explored whether it is real or imagined.

Examples of this can be found in 'Australiana' "Bandicoot with Quince, 2005 (refer to page 3)" where the small soft dead Bandicoot is presented on a table with an old beautiful soft white cloth alongside a bright yellow quince and old evidently historical silver spoon. The bandicoot which appears to be sleeping upon a quick glance is actually a victim of road kill on Australian roads. She find road kill and uses them in her art as a metaphor for how society today will risk anything for improvement and development. In addition, in 'Beyond the Landscape' "Girraween Giants (refer to page 3)" natural landforms of several large boulders forms a small hole that seems mysterious and slightly intimidating if ventured. Marian Drew and Jorje Deustua explore various environments, social and cultural aspects in "Beyond Landscape" which is set in Australia and Peru therefore also...