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What was once a legal plant that was a huge part of our nations economy is now a gigantic pain in the rear. Marijuana was once legal in the United States of America. The people and government based their economy on the plants strong fibers. Now in the present day, the government is arresting people of all ages due to the lies of a few men in the past. Not only do these arrests make the country look bad, but it also cost billions of dollars in tax payers money to prosecute all of the so called criminals.

Marijuana cultivation can be traced back over four hundred years ago. The first crop of marijuana, known also as hemp, was grown in 1611 near Jamestown, Virginia. According to some historians, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson cultivated marijuana, and activated a hemp-based economy. This shows that not only was marijuana accepted, but legal as well.

Now it is looked down upon as a mind-altering drug that has no use but to give its smoker a high.

Marijuana was illegalized in the 1930's. Harry Anslinger, head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN), started the process of illegalizing marijuana by launching a misinformation campaign. He enrolled the services of Hollywood and a few of tabloid headlines. Marijuana was illegalized because one man in a high place lied to a bunch of people because he didn't like the fact that Mexican American workers smoked the buds from the marijuana plant instead of tobacco leaves. What gives someone the right to lie about something to get what he or she wants? People today are still lying to get what they want, including our presidents.

The people of the U.S. should stand up for there country. In a democracy the people together decide what should...