Marijuana Culture

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Marijuana Culture

Historically, the United States has experienced several cultural shifts due to changing attitudes toward socially deviant behavior. As each generation leaves its mark on American culture, our society changes to accommodate evolving interpretations of personal liberty and social norms. Fifty years ago, the idea of marijuana being legalized would have seemed outrageous and impossible to most citizens. But now, in 2010, there are politicians in Washington D.C. fighting to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. If marijuana is legalized, it will dramatically influence the future of American culture, particularly regarding its economic, social, and medical structures.

Marijuana is considered being legalized primarily because of its medicinal value. Research has shown that marijuana helps reduce pain in cancer patients and those with chronic illnesses. But if marijuana is legalized, it may change more than just the medical system in the United States.

Many people have predictions about the future of America with regard to the other effects of marijuana legalization. Some believe that it will reduce capital productivity and increase use of the drug among both children and adults. But if one calculates the economic effect of legally regulating marijuana and taxing it, it becomes apparent that it could ideally get the United States out of debt within a decade. By federally taxing marijuana, the government would significantly reduce the number of drug dealers on the streets, and deter young people from selling marijuana for personal profit. If marijuana becomes a culturally recognized legal activity, the government would be able to spend more federal funding on improving education, healthcare, and public safety for future generations.

Some believe that legalizing marijuana will begin a domino effect that will, over time, lead our culture to being more accepting of reckless behavior and substance abuse.