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By: Steve Persinger

Marijuana is a plant that causes much controversy in this country. As most people know this plant is dried and smoked to get "HIGH". This is due to certain chemicals found in the plant. Unfortunately this drug has many negative qualities. Many people make poor choices while intoxicated, and some people become dependent on the drug. On the other hand it has helped people enjoy their life. Many people benefit medicinally and socially from it. Opinions of this drug seem to change from generation to generation. Parents and kids argue over it, and marijuana has raised many national debates. How do you view this drug?

The scientific name for marijuana is Cannabis sativa. The effects of the drug are usually gotten by smoking the dried leaves and flowering tops (buds) of the plant. The most potent chemical in marijuana is THC which alters the brains natural state.

Marijuana is not as harmful in its pure form as people think (in comparison to other drugs), but is normally tainted with more devastating chemicals.

Although it has many unfavorable effects it can also help people. For some people in extreme pain or those who are terminally ill marijuana is the only thing that can alleviate their pain. Another positive aspect of the drug is to allow people to expel unhealthy stress from their bodies. Yet for others it helps them "loosen up" or socialize. For some people these are hard things to do without the assistance of mind altering drugs such as marijuana.

Marijuana has also raised many conflicting generational ideas. Many of our parents probably tried it in the 60's; 70's; and 80's. Some kids use this information against their parents. They say," If you used it and it didn't hurt you, why shouldn't we try...