Marijuana. This is paper is in an interview format that give various viewpoints about marijuana

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Final Draft

John Baldwin Night Show

Not being able to find what she wants for her research on marijuana, Betty goes to bed hoping to get some ideas tomorrow. An hour later laying there with her eyes wide open, she decides to turn the TV on to ease her to sleep. Tonight's topic on John Baldwin Night Show is the legalization of marijuana with three special guests Arthur Hellman, Lynn Zimmer, and Clare Tyler. Arthur will be addressing his viewpoint against the legalization while Lynn and Clare will be supporting the issue. As Betty's skipping through all the channels, she comes across John Baldwin's voice introducing tonight's topic. She immediately sits up and turns the volume louder.

[Betty puts in a tape to record the show as John Baldwin brings out the guests and begins watching it.]

Baldwin: Hello, everyone. Welcome to John Baldwin Night Show.

Tonight I am honor to have Arthur Hellman, Lynn Zimmer, and Clare Tyler here, who can inform us about marijuana and what they think about the legalization of it. First, we have Arthur Hellman who has wrote a book called "Laws Against Marijuana: The Price We Pay."

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Hellman: Thank you John.

Baldwin: Second, we have Lynn Zimmer who is a sociologist and also wrote a book called "Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts: A Review of the Scientific Evidence."

Zimmer: Good evening everyone

Baldwin: Last but not least, we have Clare Tyler who wrote an article in the British Medical Journal called "In Favor of the Weed."

Tyler: Hi John.

Baldwin: First of all, why do you think people use marijuana?

Zimmer: Most people who use marijuana begin to do so between the ages of 12 and 18. The majority of them try the drug...