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Marijuana Use Right at this very moment, Billions of dollars are being spent to fight a battle that Billions of people don't support, against a substance that isn't doing anyone harm. Marijuana has been around forever, and the reason it has been around for so long is that people enjoy smoking it! It relaxes you when you are tense and calms you down when you are angry. If you get caught with Marijuana in B.C. you can apply for drug treatment instead of doing hard time. In Canada we even have our own party that supports marijuana! And if you have been living underneath a rock for the past year they are the Green Party. I have gone to their store in Vancouver and they smoke weed all day in the store and the cops don't care that they do! so again I say why waste money on the fight against marijuana when even our law enforcement wont do a thing about it? Everyone these days smokes it and when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE, and I know tons of my friends parents who smoke it Daily, which means if the adults don't care about it and they must have smoked a lot in their day then the money this country spends everyday to try and fight the war on marijuana is a waste of billions of dollars and time.

Canada, England, Singapore, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Iran, USA, Australia these country's are the biggest hot spots for marijuana. That is billions upon Billions of people who use and/or need marijuana, according to Maxim magazine more than 700,000 pot users are busted every year - that's one every 45 seconds. What are you going to do? lock them all up! When you have a cough do you not take medicine to help it go away?! Its the same thing for marijuana. Say you have a bad day and it just keeps getting worse well that's when you know you should take something to relax yourself, which means its time for a joint! Marijuana is a drug that you take to relax, not to just get "stoned" but to have a good time. So for the war on marijuana I feel that wasting all that money for something that doesn't harm anyone or offend anyone should become legal. It just doesn't make sense!