Marijuana use in The United States Should Be Legalized

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Marijuana use in The United States Should Be Legalized

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Marijuana use in the United States Should be Legalized. 2

The legalization of marijuana has been a debate among medical professionals , politicians and marijuana enthusiasts for years. There no good reason as to why it should not be legalized. Some think it is just an excuse to get a legal high. But, it is not just about the opportunity to get high. There are many benefits in legalizing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana will help with the economy, the court systems, environment and overall health of some people in the American public.

Legalizing marijuana would create a billion dollar industry, and would promote new jobs for thousands of people. Not to mention what state and federal governments would save. The billions of dollars that are used to regulate marijuana could be put to more useful things. Impose taxes on the purchase of marijuana just like the taxes put on cigarettes and alcohol. We would have to regulate these sales; for instance, no one under the age of 21 should be able to purchase it. Colorado and Washington State have already legalized the sale of marijuana and have laws in place and still have to work out the kinks. Also coming to focus is the amount of tax that will be put on legal marijuana sales. You would not want to put an exorbitant rate on the Marijuana. " Think of it as an A/B test for legal pot. While Colorado and Washington's laws are based on a similar model - they both tax and tightly regulate legal markets for marijuana, require rigid security and third-party , laboratory testing , limit sale to people over 21 and the amount an adult can carry, prohibit...