Marjanes Transformation

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18 October 2011

Marjane's Transformation

There is a moment in any child's life in which he or she suddenly matures into a smarter, more grown-up person. This is an essential part in any child's development because he or she is able to understand what is going on and able to make informative decisions on their own. In the graphic novel, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Marjanes makes a bold transformation from a young girl in the beginning of the book to a mature intelligent woman by the end of the book.

Throughout the entire novel, Marjane took her real world experiences to become an intelligent young woman. The novel starts off with a young girl living in Iran during the 1980s. Marjane is full of life and dreams as she believes her placement on earth was to be the last prophet.

"At the age of six I was already sure I was the last prophet," Marjane says. (6) Young children always have hopes and dreams; this is what makes a kid a kid. Marjane had been living in a totalitarian regime which is very hard for any child to endure. Her family was very communist and wanted a revolution. She never really understood why there were problems and did not know what to do about them. But towards the end of the book, Marjane is having intellectual conversations about politics, thus showing her admiration for knowledge. Marjane is a girl that wants to learn and expand her knowledge about everything. For example, when hearing the gruesome detailed stories about how innocent people are brutally beaten by the Shah's men, she is eager to find the reason why they are beaten and arrested.

Also, the beginning of the novel...