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This paper was written for a "History Of The Old Testamnet" class and deals with John 1 Versus 1 through 45. The first part of the paper are observations/interpretations of the versus, the second part deals with one sentence summarys of verse blocks. Finally there answers to questions dealing with understanding and interpritation of the text.

Mark 1


1. How could John survive off of the meagerness of what is mentioned in verse 6, (locusts and wild honey)?

2. Though in today's world we question so much and demand so much proof by seeing, John among many of the other disciples followed without a second thought.

3. Though Jesus was the son of God and mightier than any man, he still portrayed himself a simple and humble man who gets baptized by a man and as any man or women does.

4. The symbol of the dove, (a symbol of peace now), was even used these thousands of years ago.

5. Immediately after his baptism Jesus is both tempted and taught as is anyone with a moral dilemma of choosing between the teachings of what is right and the temptation of what is wrong.

6. Even today the most faithful followers of the lord stumble by putting other priorities first, yet every disciple throughout the book of Mark stopped what they were doing instantly to follow Jesus.

7. It's interesting to ready in verse 22 that even though the people of Ca-per'na-um were being taught by the king of kings, the lord of lords, the son of God, they were still astonished by the way Jesus taught with "authority."

8. I consider myself a faithful Christian and a decently intelligent person, but I can't begin to imagine in the wonderful of my dreams how incredible it would have been...