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November 8th 2013

The Lost Treasure

It was the crack of dawn when Dave's flight landed in Australia. He could see the blood red sun peaking over the mountain ranges near Melbourne. Dave was an archaeologist working in Houston, Texas when his friend had told him a story about a hidden treasure. Dave couldn't believe that he had been hired so quickly but he wasn't going to let this opportunity go to waste. This job also offered a large salary which Dave could use to pay his son's expensive university tuition.

Once Dave exited his plane, he was introduced to his new boss, Tom. Tom was native to Australia and had been digging here for three decades now. Tom showed Dave the home he would be living in for the next month while he worked in Australia. Next, they visited the digging site. "This is where they say the lost treasure is buried" said Tom. "Oh really?" replied Dave, acting clueless. "Yes," said Tom, "You will begin working here tomorrow. This is all for today. Report back to your house and get well rested for tomorrow, you have a big day ahead of you."

When Dave woke up in the morning he was eager to get to work. He was not truly interested in searching for dinosaur bones, but finding the lost treasure. When he arrived at the work site, there was no one there. This confused Dave, he wondered if he was early or maybe he just has not adjusted to the time change from Houston. He checked his watch. It read 8:30. Dave was positive this was the correct time. Something seemed suspicious. Dave decided to get to work anyways.

According to the rumor...