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Mark Story


I am Mark Adams. I am a reporter. Not a kind of reporter I would like to be though. I don't report news. I report survivors. I survey the whole world trying to find people who survived the destruction that turned the whole world upside down. I survived with my son. That's how I was found, reported by a reporter. Headquarters, the place I call home predicted the outcome. No one believed them including me. The day it happened, I was watching TV. The news was showing how Moscow fell. NY fell pretty fast. But I ran with my son. We Ran until there was death in front and back. But an aircraft saw me. It took me and my son in. None of my known ones survived. But I selfishly did. My son, tom is very strong. He knows what happened. He didn't even break down once.

He is only 8 years old. I have some experience as a pilot. So now I am a reporter. I was informed that there were survivors in Kansas. So I am headed there. But it's quite risky. I have to refuel. Or at least land. But landing shouldn't be a problem. Jerry is mission control. He is going to walk me through the procedures.

"Mission control this is Alpha 2169 How far is it?"

"Alpha 2169 are you joking? You are flying over it."

"No I am not jerry, nothing but water. You've got to give me something. Alpha 2169 needs immediate refuel or landing. I am running out of fuel."

"I am still confused, something is wrong."

"I can only go on for an hour after that I'm done for. Where is the next reading of a landing area?"


"Jerry talk to me"

"It's nowhere near...