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Early LifeMark Twain was born on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri as Samuel Langhorn Clemens, the third of four children. He moved to Hannibal Missouri when he was still a young baby, however, and made that town famous when he became as well-known as he was in his later years. In fact, he used the people and places he saw growing up there in many of his books and short stories. In 1847, when he was twelve years old, Sam’s father died, leaving hundreds of dollars of debt. To help compensate, Sam’s brother, Orion, started a newspaper. Sam often helped edit it and when Orion left town, often added some stories of his own. Some of the paper’s more exciting and shocking stories came Sam, and it was this that eventually led him to stop writing for that paper. (http://en. /Mark_Twain)Literary WorksAfter Samuel Clemens was fired from his first job as a editor, Sam went to be a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River until the Civil War started and stopped all steamboat trade on the river.

At this point, Sam started a ragtag army unit with some of his childhood friends, and he was a second lieutenant. They went at this for a while, and quit when they got bored of it. After this, Sam went to Virginia City, Nevada to help his brother with another newspaper, The Territorial Enterprise in 1861. It was here that the pseudonym Mark Twain was born, when he used it to sign a humorous travel account. The date was February 1863. In 1864, Twain left for San Francisco to be a reporter for a local newspaper. It was here that he wrote about manyracial incidents such as policemen beating a Chinese immigrant for the fun of it. After a couple...