Mark Twain The Damned Human Race

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27 July 2014


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Jeremy C. Price

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27 July 2014

The Damned Human Race by Mark Twain: Critical Evaluation Essay

Mark Twain is a very popular writer with many successful pieces of work. His work uses satire and is often mean spirited. He shows a harsh side of himself in "The Damned Human Race". The way he writes forces you to look at the evil nature embedded in the human race. He says "Indecency, vulgarity, obscenity (these are strictly confined to man); he invented them" (Twain). He uses satire to reveal that humans falsify and contaminate their only superior trait over the lower animals, the animal's sense of morality.

Twain's purpose of the essay is to scientifically prove his philosophy of how man is actually lower than animals. The way he writes is sarcastic in a sense, but has a way of making you think his reasoning is the only reasoning.

He is a very persuasive writer and draws you in by first proving the credibility of his research. He states "These experiments were made in the London Zoological Gardens, and covered many months of painstaking and fatiguing work" (Twain). This makes you imagine he is going to show you the hard facts about the issue, but he only shows his bias view. His experiments show that premeditated evil is strictly related to the human race. Twain wrote, "The higher animals engage in individual fights, but never in organized masses. Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold blood and with calm pulse to exterminate his kind" (Twain).

He believes that man is not...