Mark Twaines View On Religion

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Mark Twain's view on religion Religion is a major part of everyone's life. Where ever you go in the world there is religion. It is in the way we talk, the way we live our lives, and the way we believe what is good and bad. Religion in as old as time people write about the good and bad about it. Mark Twain incorporated religion in many of his novels and short stories. Mark Twain did not support religion but he also did not hate it. What Mark Twain did was to tell us that we should question religion and not to just follow everyone else. He said we should ask why we follow these beliefs, ask why we do these rituals, ask why we go to church every Sunday.

In one of Mark Twain short stories called the The good little boy a young boy named Jacob loved the bible and loved to read Sunday school stories.

He loved them so much that he began to live his life after them. But it never worked out for him. He went out to try and help people but he was always blamed for what went wrong. One time in the story a blind man was walking down the street and was pushed down by other boys. But when he went over to help the blind man up, and was blamed for pushing him down. Another time he was on his way to Sunday school and he saw boys getting into a boat and he knew boys who went boating on Sundays would drown. So he got on a raft to go get them but it flipped over and he got sick and was in bed for nice weeks. The story went on with events similar to this. Then one day...