Market Assessment for opening JUICEZONE Franchise in Saudi Arabia

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This paper is the Analytical Report of the Saudi Arabian Environment for franchising the products / services of Juicezone Franchising Corp. - A Healthy Quick Service Industry. Along with Fresh Juices & Smoothies, Juicezone sells Nutritional Supplements - Zone-ifiers Sandwiches, Salads and other ready meals that can be eaten on the go. Juicezone is based in Burnaby, Canada. It wills, to diversify and expand its business in order to be recognized as global brand maintaining standards and meeting 'global needs'. As an interested Franchiser, we choose our location to be at Al Rashid Mall, in Al Khobar, as the outlet is a 2 sided-opening & road facing prime location in the heart of the city, which is well connected. In this report we will distinguish between the impacts of the different External & Internal Environmental factors and will then draw conclusions based on this analytical report. To build a complete model of the environment we have to utilize the 3 methodologies, such as STEP Analysis, Transformation Model & Mintzberg Physiognomy.

The starting point for our analysis of the business environment is the STEP approach; refer to Appendix (1) on page (4). STEP analysis seeks to identify and assess the external drivers of change that will have an influence on the Health Food industry & marketplace. STEP Assessment is state to four environments, which are Social, Technological, Economical and Political. First we will try to have a clear overview about the Social Environment, i.e. Demographic, Population & Income Distribution, Lifestyle, etc. Customers put more emphasis on healthy eating and Organic Foods and most are opposed to Genetically Modified Foods. We tend to scope the needs of all such consumers like youth, women and children; we will study their lifestyle and spending power. Juicezone Product range provides the children the Nutritional Supplements...