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Market Demand/Potential Paper ? Landscape Services The field of landscape services within the United States covers a wide spectrum of services from complex landscape architectural projects to domestic services for the homeowner. Projects can range from hotels and resorts, community planning, attractions and entertainment to urban design and planning, ecotourism and resource planning for clients in both the public and private sectors. Staffing consists of planners, landscape architects, graphic designers and support personnel. Many of the jobs for landscaping services are seasonal, mainly in the spring, summer, and fall when most planting, mowing and trimming, and cleanup are necessary. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Market Demand The demand for landscaping services is directly tied to economic conditions related to new commercial and residential building starts. Construction industry forecasts have an impact on the landscape industry because new construction projects are often followed by new landscaping projects; these construction trends provide an outlook for the landscape contracting industry as well.

Landscaping and lawn service workers held about 1,285,000 jobs in 1998. Employment was distributed as follows: Landscaping and grounds keeping laborers 1,130,000 Lawn Service Managers 86,000 Pruners 45,000 Sprayers and applicators 19,000 Nursery and greenhouse managers 5,000 About one-third of wage and salaried workers were employed in companies providing landscape and horticultural services. Almost 2 out of every 10 landscaping, grounds keeping, nursery, greenhouse, and lawn service workers were self-employed, providing landscape maintenance directly to customers on a contract basis. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) The current demand for office space has been held flat as a direct result of the stalling economy and an increase in the unemployment figures. Rising vacancy rates are mostly due to the influx of new office construction that flooded the market. High office vacancy rates can negatively affect landscape contractors because of lack...