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I. Executive summary

KURO-a part of the bike organization .provides education of cycling, product/components and services for the market.

The following strategies have been specifically designed to address the issues which emerged form the plan:

The environment and factors analysis the overall environments

SWOT analysis, to find out which opportunity could work effectively.

Goals will achieve by the following objective and strategies. Via the marketing mix and target segmentation.

Time limitation will be running with the next 3 years. New product line will introduce in the exist market.

Communication values by medium important for our organization to compete with competitors. Our proposal of the plan is considering scope of company strengths and weaknesses, core competencies and marketing capabilities, moreover, product and market and market review, such company and product review, category and company sales, behavior trends, pricing distribution and competitive review also are including our consideration. Especially the target market effectors (consumer/B2B targets, product awareness & attributes and trail & retrial data)

Following the tactical marketing mix tools to set up the future plan which is including:

l product: branding, packaging, pricing

l Distribution: personal selling/service, promotion/ events, advertising message

l Advertising media

l Merchandising

l Publicity

Evaluating all the strategies mix tools to increase our net profit and reputation of future marketing positioning.

II. Situation/factors Analysis


Company situation

Kuro is in the bike market, and we are the manufacturer to produce bike and use market intermediaries. For example, retailer, they sells our bike to our ultimate customer.

Competitive situation

Market share = 14.28% (6 competitors)

Competitors: Firm 1~4 and 6~7

6 competitors are having the same market share and brand awareness with us. And they also selling mountain bicycle.

Economic issues

In the fact of the economic, every household in USA uses 13% of the income to...