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In the interest of consumers, Pepsi Cola has taken measures to meet the demands of diverse customers to lead healthier lives. In addition, understanding requirements of health and nutritional needs are essential in consumers' diets. Therefore, Pepsi Cola makes efforts to incorporate organic products that do not consist of artificial additives and preservatives harmful to consumers' digestive systems well as circulatory systems. Inasmuch, Pepsi Cola's ultimate goal is thinking heart healthy as consumers are living longer lives due to the lifestyle changes in involving more aerobic and engaging activities.

Noticeably aware, Pepsi Cola has acknowledged and adopted how individual have involved themselves in sport activities; however, replenishing oneself with the correct balance of electrolytes and fluids is only one part of replacing what human bodies become deprived of after strenuous exercise. Another important aspect is in-taking the recommended about of nutrients lost through aerobic activities. In consequence, Pepsi Cola has brought about the innovation of an organic drink - four to five vegetables and two to three fruits.

In contrast, of other health drinks, Pepsi Cola has created a drink recipe solely based on fresh garden products rather than from concentrate.

Pepsi Cola has been reputable for keeping the promise of delivering the freshest of the fresh. It is Pepsi Cola's desire to respect the environment as well. Therefore, Pepsi Cola follows through - going distance to work with local markets (affiliates) supporting local farms and farmers.

OverviewPepsi Co. is a company that has been known for their trend setting advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for a very long time, most notably in the 80's when the cola wars where in full swing. Through out all this time Pepsi has always painted a picture of it is self-showing a company that cares about more than just the bottom...