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Required Information.

SUBWAY is a restaurant company that is originally from North America, It was firstly introduced in market in the year 1965. SUBWAY is one of the most companies in the world that have the fastest market growth with more than 34,000 restaurants in 95 countries include Malaysia (69 stores). The main problem that SUBWAY is concerned to overcome is to maintain the awareness of the customers towards SUBWAY. Therefore SUBWAY generally conducts some advertisement in a monthly period of time. It can be through website, newspaper or magazine, and also a direct advertising from SUBWAY's outlets such as introducing new flavor of sandwiches and giving promotions or discounts during the specific period of time.

The most obvious marketing strategy that SUBWAY used is to open an outlet near university areas with a reasonable price, for example the SUBWAY stores near Taylor's Business School and the recent open in Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

It is because university students are the segment that becomes one of the main target markets and moreover SUBWAY believes that students have a good awareness and perception towards their brand. Therefore, advertising is the main problem and it is the key to conduct successful marketing plan.

2.0 Research Questions and Research Objectives

2.1 Research Questions.

- Are the customers satisfied with the product offered by SUBWAY?

- Are the products offered suitable for the customers taste?

- Are the new products equalizing the already successful products?

2.1.1 Research Objective.

- To measure the satisfaction level of the customers.

2.2 Research Questions.

- How the brand instilled in the mind of the customers?

- How do they manage to conduct a successful advertisement? 2.2.1 Research Objective.

- To measure the level of brand awareness on SUBWAY.

2.3 Research Questions.

- What do customers perception towards SUBWAY's current...