Market Research Phases- This paper defines the research process and data collection needed to lauch a new product.

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Business Research Project: Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

The research question for this research project will be "is it the market potential of the games available, the interface and interaction components or the product itself?"

Research Objectives

From the research question, the research objectives can be defined. There is a need to understand the link between the games available, the interface and interaction the user has with the product and the aspects of the product itself.

Research objectives are based on gaps in knowledge of the target audience. Since this product is new for Sony Ericsson, the gaps are wide and there will be a need to gather vast amount of knowledge. There will be an investigation into the response of a new hand held portable gaming mobile device among mobile phone users and games enthusiasts, and identify issues for research and development.

Research Design

The research design that will be carried out is the exploratory research; this is due to the nature of the research being an attempt to gain insight and understanding to consumer behavior and attitudes as opposed to the conclusive research.

The type of exploratory design will be focusing on qualitative exploration.

Qualitative exploration is chosen because of its ability to understand the consumer and the level of interaction it has with them. The reason for choosing qualitative research as opposed to quantitative research is that this is a launch of a new product, so it is necessary to find new data and opinions from consumers.

This type of product is market orientated rather than product orientated; it is therefore a must to understand the key components of consumer attitudes and responses to this product. Without knowledge and true insight of what consumers want and expect from this product, it will be hard for it to...