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Product Brief / Situation

This paper is a conducted market study for the Kraft Foods Phil. regarding their product Tang orange juice and Oreo Cookies These are the product that we have taken into a research from the Kraft foods Philippines. We choose three of their leading products for our study, Oreo and Tang. The Oreo product is a chocolate sandwich cookie made affordable to the public by lowering down their price. Tang Ponkan-C is real fruit goodness of real ponkan oranges. Everyone will surely loves its sweet, refreshing flavor plus the added nutrition it gives. It is also instant drink mix charged with calcium and vitamin C. The present geographical dispersion of these two products Oreo are from Indonesia and the Tang product is from Thailand. The Tang and Oreo are supplied by the best available resources that the Kraft could gather with its firm company that's been proven through the years of expertise and experience of the worlds best food people.

I. The Target Market

Potential Market

The potential markets for our products during our study are the people living within the area of South Mindanao and its capabilities to consume the product that's been endorsed by the company that we have been studying.

The persons raging from age 2 to 80 years old, the people with the capacity to buy and consume the product. They are the ones using it and accepting the product. We focused our product in South Mindanao because it is the only nearest place to us; it serves us a distributor here. People using this product are the people who love sweet and want an instant food that they can enjoy.

Available and Qualified Market

Ages 5 and above who are able to handle money



Some distributors

Served Market

a. The...