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Executive Summary:

The purpose of this report is discuss: What is marketing? Why "marketing is important and the role it plays in the profitability of the company.

I use a toothbrush company: Oral-B as the example, talk about the influence of marketing to a company by Marketing philosophies, Marketing environment, Market analysis (STP) and Marketing mix (4"P"s).

By this process, I find out: Marketing is a very important tool for company to win the competition in the modern business now. A company could exist on the business world or not, mostly depends on it follow the theory of marketing or not.

Table of contents:

Contents: Page:

Executive summary 1

1. Introduction 4

1.1 Background of company 4

1.2 What is marketing 4

1.21 Definition of "Marketing" 4

1.22 Marketing evolution 4

1.23 Core marketing concept 5

1.24 Managerial philosophies 5

2. Discussion 6

2.1 Marketing environment 6

2.11 Micro-environment 6

2.12 Macro-environment 7

2.2 Market analysis-STP 8

2.21 Market Segmentation 8

2.22 Market Targeting 9

2.23 Market Positioning 10

2.3 Marketing mix 11

2.31 Product 11

2.32 Price 11

2.33 Placement 12

2.34 Promotion 12

3. Implementation and control 13

4. Conclusion 13

5. References 14

1. Introduction:

1.1Background of our company.

For more than 50 years, Oral-B has produced the highest quality dental hygiene products for countless people, families, and dental professionals worldwide. Our powerful toothbrush range is backed by over 60 published clinical studies that demonstrate the superior performance of our oscillating-rotating technology. The Oral-B brand is the leader in the $4.5-billion toothbrush category, marketing toothbrushes for children and adults. (source from: http:// To keep on satisfy customers and make more profit, we have to follow the guide of "marketing." What is marketing?

1.2What is "Marketing"?

1.21 Definition of marketing.

"Marketing is a social and managerial...