Marketing 388 Assignment 3 Company Case: Redux

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The rights to safety, the rights to be informed and the rights to consumer education: As Redux contained a drug that contained a drug that could cause PHH, a rare and deadly could lung condition that kills most of its victims within two years. Although for obese persons, the risk of death or debilitation from Redux was acceptable precisely because the risk of death or debilitation from obesity was higher. For others Redux raised the risk of death to unacceptable levels such as consumers who wanted to shed a few pounds were not protected against the marketing of Redux as they were not properly informed fully of the side effects of taking the drug. As one physician recalled that the salesperson touted him as Redux was safe for lifetime use and the company's own brochures admit that the drug had been tested for only one year- and hardly addressed the lung disease risk.

The consumers buying Redux have the right to be educated as school children so that they will be able to act as informed so that they will know the benefits and harms of the drug. The rights to redress against damage was another violation Redux made as the consumers have the right to seek redress from a supplier of goods and services for any loss or damage suffered because of bad information. The consumers did not have easy and inexpensive access to settlement of small claims; instead, they have filed a class action suit to get their claims.

The right to choose and the right to be heard were not affected as they were not important factors the case was based upon on.

The sellers' right that Redux violated was the following:

Marketers' Professional Conduct must be guided by:

1. The basic rule of professional...