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A. Discuss how Dell Computer's Web site ( supports its mission, value proposition, and brand image. What advantages (and limitations) does the Web site provide to business buyers?

Dell's web site provides service and support, marketing and merchandising functions, and facilitates a unique individual relationship with the customer. It aims to be a wholly different computer shopping experience, providing easy and convenient 24-hour-a-day access to its online hardware and software store to home shoppers, businesses, and public institutions. It is Dell's mission to deliver the best customer experience in all markets it serves. is the company's primary vehicle to distribute its products and interact with its customers. Since an online store has the advantage of 24hour accessibility and allows for better customer data retrieval as well as customized displays (Dell can change the web site's look according to individual customer's preferences) it serves Dell's mission of delivering a superior shopping experience.

A drawback however might be that there is no store clerk one could ask questions and who could demonstrate products of interest right on the spot. Granted, Dell allows for customer queries and feedback but the 'physical, social' aspect of shopping is lost online. Here, Dell may find that customers, while trying out the online experience, may feel drawn back to the brick and mortar establishments they are accustomed to. Dell's business customers on the other hand who are hopefully not subject to such emotional considerations as their home shopping counterparts may value the easy to use, clear, structured, and individualized approach Dell presents. In particular, Dell's Premier option for frequent business shoppers affords valuable extra services that may prove very useful in managing the procurement and upgrading activities in a company.


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