Marketing and Advertising

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Marketing and Advertising

Sometimes the most obvious issues are the most difficult to understand, and I want to dedicate this post to one of the most basic but important . When speaking to promote a product , brand or company , there is a range of possibilities , among which is advertising. But what really is advertising and what is its relationship to marketing?

When I enter my students ( coming communicators , advertisers, marketers and public relations ) to the fundamentals of advertising , I was always useful to refer to what is supposed to know all the business environment : What is Marketing. Philip Kotler has saved us many great task of finding a sufficiently clear and comprehensive definition , defining it as "a social and managerial process by which people satisfy their needs through the exchange of products."

In other words , marketing is not designed to sell a product ( or idea ) , but the satisfaction that people get through it .

But always through a process of exchange , usually commercial , not something Peter Drucker said that the most important functions of a company were two, and only two , Marketing and Innovation, because they produce benefits, while the rest are costs.

Now , how is that accomplished Marketing meet the needs of people ? It is known that the needs are not created , but these have always existed . The role of marketing, and usually achieved through advertising, is to identify a need ( from a deficiency ) and activate the desire to satisfy it through a product or service. When desire is activated request is generated , for which a product will be offered to the person through a process of exchange and transaction is created . This creates...