Marketing and Brand Management

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Running Head: MARKETING

Marketing and Brand Management

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Table of Content

3Chapter One: Introduction �

3Rationale �

4Aims and Objectives �

4Significance of the Study �

5Research Questions �

6Chapter Two: Literature Review �

6Branding �

6Importance of Branding �

6Consumer, Brand and Marketing Relationships �

7What makes brand great? �

7Branding of BMW �

8Chapter Three: Methodology �

8Research Method �

9References �

10Proposed References �



Chapter One: Introduction

This study gives a literature on branding, brand equity, global brand management, a brief case study on BMW, one of the leading auto brands in the sector and how they successfully apply branding and marketing tools in accomplishing the status they have acquired now. Even though BMW manufactures various vehicles including motorbikes and are into financial service sector, this study will underline only the cars produced by the BMW

Research Questions

How important is Brand Management for successful Marketing?

What makes brand great?

What is the relationship between consumer, brand and marketing?

What are the branding strategies of BMW?


Chapter Two: Literature Review


This section of the dissertation deals with the issue of branding.

Brands, which are important strategic assets of companies, must be managed carefully. Anything can be branded, but the key is that consumers perceive differences among brands in a category. Before proceeding on with how brands are created and delivered to the consumers, a holistic definition of brand concept, and the meaning of brand equity are given.

Importance of Branding

Main aim of branding is to make easy organization's task to achieve because branding makes customer loyal and large number of loyal customers increases the rate on investment in a cost effective manner. Branding is a powerful weapon in marketing, it does not focus on marketing...