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First Milady's research department will do a marketing research in southern California to get the average size of the middle age women. The average size in USA and Europe will be different but the company will only starting in USA market first and see how the company process. If in the future Milady's market expanded nationally and doing very well, the company might as well try in the Europe market. And at that time we will possess a different size made for Europeans.

A brand with a price of Banana Republic and a style of Express with a more elegant look. I will achieve this goal by making all of the products with better garment materials, in combination of style and comfort of all.

In addition, I will manage to put ample amount of advertisements emphasize its comfort-ness and style in local areas such as malls and newspapers.

Milady's will be a mid-upper level, the image will be set to a mid-upper class level specialize in women's daily office wear.

Brands such as Banana Republic and Express would be some nice examples. Women between the ages 25 to 50 are mostly office ladies with secure incomes. Thus, a trendy daily office wears with elegant would surely be a need for the target market described in previous assignments.

For my company, Milady's will use the pull promotion strategy. I will focus my spending mainly on advertisements, to raise both publicity and establish its own image. In the advertisements, I want to distribute the elegancy feeling of women to the public. Captions such as "impossible comfort at work" will also be added in each ad. Thus, once people see the brand, Milady's, it will link their thought to a classic, charming feeling with a greatest amount of comfort-ness.

I plan to...