Marketing Autopaint.

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2.The Marketing Plan.2

2.1The Mission Statement2

2.2Performance Summary2

2.3Financial Projection2

2.4Market Overview2

2.5SWOT32.6Portfolio Summary3


2.8Objectives and Strategies3

2.9Financial Budgets3

3.Environmental Forces3






4.Competitive Structure of Industry5

4.1Industry Structure5

4.2Threat of New Entrants5

4.3Bargaining Power of Suppliers5

4.4Bargaining Power of Customers6

4.5Threat of Substitute Products and Services6


5.1Advertising in Trade Magazines6

5.2Presence at Trade Fairs7


5.4Marketing Focus7

5.5Personal Selling7

5.6Service, Help and Advice8

1. Introduction.

The Autopaint strategic business unit produces surface coatings i.e. paint and support products such as base coats, undercoats and varnishes for the automotive market. This business comprises one unit of a much larger performance and decorative coatings capability within a multi-national chemical company. Autopaint sells its products worldwide although, for historic reasons, the majority of production remains within the UK and USA.

The market for automotive finishing paint falls into the two distinct application segments of new vehicle production and vehicle repair.

In the first case the end use customers are automotive manufacturers and in the second case they are vehicle repair or body shops, which in some cases are linked to dealers and in some cases are independent. In most cases the direct customer is a distributor supplying the automotive market.

Traditionally, the Autopaint business has relied on it's technical capability and colouring capability (both reinforced by the wider organisation within which this business sits) to produce high performance products in thousands of different shades. Presenting to the market excellence in colour, quality and service and generally being regarded as delivering on these aspects.

The business has enjoyed steady growth over the last five years but has become increasingly concerned by the more recent slowing of the growth rates. This has in the first instance been attributed to fierce...