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In B2C marketing, there are a few industries where close personal relationships exists between buyers and sellers. Perhaps in those instances where personal selling is the most important element of the marketing mix and where customer service is also important, relationships between buyer and seller may exist. These situations however are rare.

In B2B marketing, situations where strong personal and business relationships grow between buyer and seller are not as rare. The strategic importance of many purchases is too great for companies to always shop around when making a purchase; they need to make absolutely sure that the product fits their needs and that it will be available when needed at the right cost. Therefore, many companies enter into long-term contracts, build relationships that enable buyers and sellers to plan jointly, and work to secure for both companies. A large difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the distribution channels in B2C do not include anyone between the manufacturer and the customer who uses the product, or user.

(Morris, Pitt)

Stronger relationships and shorter channels are two reasons why there is a greater emphasis on personal selling in business marketing. Direct communication between buyer and seller; also increase the need for strong personal selling, because someone is needed to coordinate that communication. Salespeople are the members of the organization responsible for coordinating their company's effort at satisfying their customers. That responsibility is greater when the organization is concern about creating and maintaining partnership with its customers.

Complex buying procedures involving many members of the buying organization also require personal selling. Only through personally getting to know each individual and coordinating the sales-purchase process can a business be successful. Multiple personal relationships can strengthen organizational relationships, and these relationships are the responsibility of the salesperson. (Rust)

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