Marketing behavior

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* Gathering and using information

* Understanding buyer behavior

* The product mix

* Core benefit versus brand proposition

* The role of qualitative research

* The brand

* Assessing a foreign country market

* Corporate strategy

* Competitive strategy


* Short texts with questions (written and oral)

* Focus group activity

* Market penetration case study with a report

* International marketing case study

Marketing Information System:

A system you implement to gather information, analyze and distribute information. It consists of people, equipment and procedures.

To set up an MIS, four important questions must be addressed:

1. What kind of information do you need?

2. How and where do you get it?

3. How do you sort it analyze it?

4. How do you distribute it?

Question 1: What kind of information do you need?

Getting information can be expensive. Be selective and efficient. What is really necessary?

Question 2: How and where do you get the information?

Look inside your company - build an internal data base.

Look outside your company - do marketing "intelligence" ( gather publicly available information about suppliers, competitors, the environment etc.)

Do marketing research:

Marketing research is specific to a situation facing the company.

Objectives of research may be:

Exploratory - to define the problem

Descriptive - product potential, buyer behavior

Causal - look for cause and effect

You can collect both:

Primary data - specific to your problem


Secondary data - already done in the past for other purposes

If you collect primary data you may choose different approaches:

Observational research (is often exploratory):

Ethnographic and mechanical

Survey research (is often descriptive):

Asking questions

Experimental (is often causal

Mail questionnaires


Focus groups


Question 4: How do you analyze it?

Sometimes the data is overwhelming (too much) and...