Marketing Case Study identifying possible promotions towards the devolopment of a new Salsa.

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Roscoe Foods has found a viable market opportunity within the Salsa industry. Using current marketing conditions, forecasts, and a highly customized attack strategy, Roscoe Foods can quickly brand itself as a leading provider of Salsa products.

Product Positioning

Roscoe will identify itself with sports fans and market its product as a "Sports" salsa.

Positioning in the U.S. markets will be attained through event advertising and athlete endorsements. Advertisements will focus on the Baseball (MLB) and Football (NFL) seasons to provide full year coverage.

Since the Soccer market is most prevalent in Europe, positioning in the European markets will be attained through event advertising and athlete endorsements through FIFA.

o Success rates in the European Soccer markets could warrant Roscoe's involvement in American Soccer through MLS.

Roscoe Salsa will developed by Emeril Agasi, a world-famous Chef with sports appeal because of his New York attitude.

Product Development

Salsa development will be handled with Emeril Agasi.

This will allow us to certify our product with his brand, and will allow us to use his name on our packaging and marketing. Preliminary customer surveys will also be preformed to determine the effectiveness of the salsa. The most important element of the survey is to find out specifically what the tests don't like about it, and to try and correct the problem by modifying the ingredients.

Product Testing and Customer Satisfaction

Blind sample taste tests and product awareness giveaways will be performed at various grocery stores. A specific grocery food chain, such as Pathmark, will be selected. This will help build aware ness with the female shoppers who may not necessarily watch sports. These product taste tests and surveys should be preformed prior to the commencement of the sports seasons in order to engrain the idea of the salsa into the mind of...