Marketing channels - Channel selection, objectives, motivation and evaluation.

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· Truly Clean - an all purpose cleaner with miracle results, dissolves and eliminates all kinds of stains in minutes with no scrubbing, just spray and wipe away with a sponge.

· Squee G Cleanse - a mop that goes beyond traditional mops. Better than swiffer, Squee G Cleans has disposable mop heads and self contained cleaning fluid with a button to control flow. With a flip and a click of the handle joint you can clean walls, ceilings and even windows with the Squee G for a perfect clean shine, every time without streaks!

· E-Z Clean - Oven cleaner. Spray cleaner on and watch it dissolves grease right before your eyes.

· Non-Scents- air freshener that removes odors like animal and cigarette smoke. "If it's not non-scents, then it makes no sense!"

· Sunshine - Dish detergent

I. CHANNEL SELECTION: The core job of our product marketing strategy is to expedite the process of getting our sellers and buyers together so they can make mutually beneficial exchanges, trading items they value in order to satisfy needs and accomplish goals.

Approximately 80 percent of all product purchases involve intermediaries, member of a channel of distribution who cooperate and assist in completing the link between producer and consumer. A channel of distribution comprises a set of institutions, which perform all of the activities utilized to move a product and its title from production to consumption. There are many types of intermediaries such as wholesalers, agents, retailers, the Internet, overseas distributors, direct marketing, and many more. Decisions about delivering the product are often among the most important decisions made by a company. The marketing channels selected to market the products, Squee G Cleanse household cleaning products, are retail and Internet.

When a deciding how to deliver our product, there...