Marketing Communication Plan for "Chocolate Heaven".

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1.0 Introduction 牋牋牋牋2

2.0 Chocolate Heaven 牋牋牋牋2

2.1 The UK chocolate confectionery market 牋牋牋牋2

2.2 Competition 牋牋牋牋3

2.3 Segmentation 牋牋牋牋4

3.0 Objectives 牋牋牋牋8

4.0 Strategy 牋牋牋牋9

5.0. Tactics 牋牋牋牋10

Project: Chocolate Heaven 牋牋牋牋10

6.0 Control 牋牋牋牋11

6.1 Qualitative Methods 牋牋牋牋11

6.2 Quantitative Methods 牋牋牋牋12

7.0 References & Bibliography 牋牋牋牋15

1.0 Introduction

The aim of this report is to outline a strategic communications plan in order to assist "Chocolate Heaven" in fulfilling its objective of emphasising quality within its target consumers mind.

2.0 Chocolate Heaven

At present our company is a small handmade confectionery company based in Tottenham North London. We specialise in luxuriant cream and liqueur fillings, which for quality and taste, is ranked alongside the finest in the world. Additionally the opportunity of being part funded by the government with a grant has enabled our company to move to a purpose built facility based in a major industrial regeneration site.

This financial backing was part of the governments intentions to encourage industries with growth potential to expand production and be able to offer local residents jobs. We both have existing skills and expertise with Albert having served an apprenticeship with one of the finest chocolate factories in Belgium and Caroline having a profound background in accountancy being able to deal with growing paperwork. We have forecasted a boost in annual turnover of "Chocolate Heaven" from �0,000 to �0,000 within three years as well as doubling our staff figures, which totals to six. At present, the customers of our company are department stores in the London area, but due to the perishable ingredients of the products there is a restriction on the geographical area. Consequently, chocolate Heaven supply its products in wholesale quantities within 25 miles around North London base.

2.1 The UK chocolate confectionery market

The UK confectionary...