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Diggaroo shoes are Australian sports premium shoes made from kangaroo leather. Diggaroo is Colorful and funky athletic shoe. Surprisingly versatile and practical for sports and casual wear. Because Diggaroo shoes are made from kangaroo leather they are soft, light, durable and flexible by nature.

Properties of the kangaroo leather: kangaroo leather is by far the best leather world wide. Its unique grain structure and features of softness, lightness, extraordinary strength, flexibility and durability is sourced from animals that life in the wild. There are two different species of kangaroo which are selected in a year basis under strictly controlled and monitored federal government program.

Kangaroo leather production

Kangaroo is a unique hide/skin produced in Australia. Kangaroo hides are exported raw or further processed in Australia into leather and leather products. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of hides remaining in Australia for further processing and a larger amount of kangaroo leather and leather products being exported.

Kangaroo leather products are renowned for their strength and are in high demand in the footwear industry.

The kangaroo industry offers huge environmental and economic benefits to the arid rangelands. Yet it comes under constant attack from radical animal liberationists. These attacks, if unchecked, have the potential to harm industry growth. Diggaroo needs to continually focus on ensuring the general public is informed about management practices to protect them for being extinct.


Diggaroo is targeting two population segments young adults aged 18 to 25 and adults aged 25 to 45.

* Young adults between 18 to 25: these are college or university students witch power of acquisition comes from there parents money or their full or part time job. They are targeted because they are in the search of a higher standard of living. Therefore they...