The marketing communication strategy for Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic C0., Ltd

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1. Executive summary

This is an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan for improving the High-Definition TV (HDTV) of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic C0., Ltd. (XOCECO) in the domestic market for 2004. The purpose of this plan is to attempt using the advanced IMC theory into the practice, and acquire the favorable effectiveness of communication with the target audiences.

This plan tightly focuses on the features of IMC, and then creates a distinct IMC theme "Digitizing Your Life" which is the single voice and will be utilized in each of communication methods. Further, the complex promotional mix is determined depended on the advantages of IMC. To summarize the plan, the most important point is that the theory of IMC must be applied in the MarCom practice in order to improve the business in the competitive environment.

2. The company background

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic C0., Ltd. (XOCECO), established in 1984, is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of consumer electronics in China.

XOCECO is well known from home to abroad, and has developed in many areas such as video equipment, computers, communication equipment, and electronic components.

XOCECO was the first company in China to develop the 25" and 27" pure flat, color, HDTV and the first Chinese electronics manufacturer to receive ISO9002 certification. The combined production facilities cover over 2 million square feet. As for the TV division in 2002, it accounts for about 19% market shares. Meanwhile, XOCECO got total sales revenues of RMB 701 million, generated the net profits RMB 56.8 million, and paid RMB 63.4 million for taxes. Through approximate 20-year's relentless efforts and taking the leader position of market, XOCECO established well-reputation brand and extensive nationwide sales and distribution network with a computerization progress that reaches across the whole country incorporating over 119 branches, and...