Marketing decision making and strategies

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Answer ITo begin with that I’m from country where hinting a gifts for better own life, for good education, great job, nice house, expensive car is absolutely normal in our society. But I would say that hinting gifts is corruption and nothing other. That’s why I would agree with my sales person recommendation – will offer a new LCD TV as a gift to the sales agent. Therefore it doesn’t mean that I support corruption or will be use it in my future career. I only have an experience and would like to use it in my essay.

We can see corruption everywhere, in some countries more in some less. We all know that corruption is not a new phenomenon. It is centuries old.

If I had a company and could win a big account that will mean a lot to me and my company I would probably use one of the corruption methods.

But we must know and remember that the presence of business-corruption in market provokes firms to make choices between legal business approaches and illegal bribery. Moreover, the outcome of a chosen strategy will usually be uncertain at the time when decision is made, and a firm's decision will depend partly on its attitude towards risk. I should know if I can risk my company or not because describing the risks, uncertainties and benefits attached to bribery is very important for right decision making. If I knew for sure that my company is not under the risk I will make a decision to deliver a new LCD TV to buyer’s home as a “gift”. Maybe you think that my conduct is fraudulently and false and you might be right. But I would do it in case that my company would have a difficult financial situation, if I...