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1.0 Introduction

In past years, the marketing department of Mtone Wireless Inc built strong barriers around the various marketing integrated marketing and promotional functions, and planned and managed them separately with different communications budgets, different views of the market, and different goals and objectives. These marketing people failed to recognize that the wide range of marketing and promotional tools must be coordinated to communicate effectively and present a consistent image to target markets. Actually, in the latter 1990s, many companies had already been moving toward the concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC), which involves coordinating the various promotional elements along with other marketing activities that communicate with a firm's set of customers.

As the Promotions Manager in Mtone Wireless, I provide this report to reveal the growing importance of integrated marketing communications and build it into the context of Mtone's marketing programs. The first part of the report is going to review abundant literatures to clearly define IMC and explain the implementation in general marketing place.

And than, the report will be focused on related market of Mtone Wireless to justify why Mtone Wireless needs to have an IMC program, and how to get it.

1.1 A Brief background of Mtone Wireless

Mtone Wireless Inc, started at Silicon Valley, is a privately held company providing subscription based mobile entertainment services in Mainland China. Addressing a current market of over 200 million mobile phone subscribers in China, Mtone Wireless has leveraged its first mover advantage as the premier provider of wireless information services in Mainland China. Mtone Wireless Inc (China) as a leader of mobile entertainment service and the biggest wireless ICP (Internet Content Provider) in telecommunication industry in China provides WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), SMS (Short Message Service), RTS (Ring Tone Service) and LOS (Location Orientation...