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Marketing Exam:

Question 1: Micro-environment

The company- which is the groups that execute a product to the market place

Suppliers- those who supply materials for the final production of a good or service

Marketing intermediaries- like the middleman. These firms help to get the good to the customer in the most effective way

Competitors- those in the market that are competing for market share

Publics- There are seven publics that the company should address to increase market share

Customers- those who purchase the final product and should be satisfied with their purchase

Lets focus on Blue Range Estate Wines, a boutique winery on the peninsular.

The company must plan its future goals and understand their target market such as wanting to sell at least 1000 cases of wine in a quarter. Next, the company needs to purchase chemicals, machinery and other products from their suppliers. Next, they may need to deliver their wine to a distributor and in order to get the wine there in the most efficient way they need a transport company which is a form of an intermediary.

There are four types of intermediaries; Physical distribution firms, marketing service agencies, distribution and resale and Financial intermediaries. The company needs to compete with its competitors such as Yarning Station and other boutique wineries for a greater proportion of market share. Next, they need to identify the seven publics and understand if they have the potential to impact on the firm's objectives. So for example, the company needs to make sure they are clear about Govt. regulations. Finally the customers of Blue Range Estate need to be cared for and aim for them to make future purchases of wine, trying to differentiate their wine from competitors so the customer returns.

Question 2:

Need: State of felt deprivation. For...