Marketing Ethics

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Marketing Ethics is the area of applied ethics that deals with the moral principles behind the operation and regulation of marketing. Many companies use unethical marketing techniques to promote their product, which works, until the consumers realizes the product doesn't actually work, or they don't get the benefits the company advertised. In many instances, there is a large overlap for companies in their ethical business practices and how they advertise their company so they promote their products by telling the consumers how "good" of a company they are. This works as an increasing number of consumers are interested today in buying products that are ethical or from companies that do ethical things. Because of this growing trend, many companies can prosper by promoting their principled business practices and endorsing the image they want to portray.

For example, The Body Shop has used their ethical business practices in the promotion of their products.

The Body Shop's key branding strategy is that their products are not tested on animals. They also seek alternative sources that do not contribute to the destruction of endangered animals habitats or cause animals to suffer. The founder of the company, Anita Roddick, had a reputation for innovation, integrity and social responsibility. A quote about her stated, "She campaigned for green issues for many years even before it became fashionable to do so…" From the beginning, this company wanted to be known as a green company that always considered the ethical nature of how their business was run. They also used many social and environmental campaigns to show how moral their company is. Anita Roddick used a Barbie Doll campaign to bring awareness of unhealthy stereotyping of women in the media. They wanted to promote a healthy image of what a woman should look like, so they...