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Introduction:"London Bites (LB)" is a food takeaway shop. It is proposed to open in South East London where it is home to nearly 1.3 million people (The London Plan 2009). To know and understand the market sufficiently hence operate it successfully, marketing, as a means, must be taken into account. The areas of marketing that will be discussed in this report are the external marketing environment, market segmentation, marketing communications and customer service.

Findings:External Marketing EnvironmentAll organizations are operated within environment so that they all will be affected by external forces. Unlike the seven controllable marketing mix variables, the external marketing environmental forces are not controllable by marketers. Nevertheless, marketers can control how they deal with those uncontrollable forces by identifying and monitoring those forces that are relevant to their firms. They also must forecast changes in these forces if they are to develop effective marketing plans and strategies. Conceptually, there are two aspects in external marketing environment.

They are micro- and macro- environment. (Market Environment)Micro-environmentThe micro-environment consists of those forces that directly affect the marketing programs of a particular firm. The activities of stakeholder groups, such as distributors, customers, suppliers, and competitors are all examples of external forces that influence the marketing actions of a specific organization (Oxford University Press 2007).

1)Distributors factorGetting products to the customers can be a major issue (Oxford University Press 2007). For LB, a food takeaway shop, the distribution channels can be selling in shop or customers order on phone or internet. For food, it is hard to sell it outside door to door, so it is hard to gain competitive advantages.

2)Customers factorCustomers are obviously the key to sales (Oxford University Press 2007). LB's managers must monitor customer needs and try to anticipate how these will develop so that they can...