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Marketing Gift Bags for all Ages

By: Jennifer Ruddell

When marketing gift bags, a company should target all ages and all occasions.

For children there should be gift bags to suit both boys and girls. Children have their favorite cartoon characters

that they adore. The gift bags need to be designed in colors for boys and girls along with the cartoon character

on both the boys and the girls gift bags. This being because both types of children like some of the same


Cartoon characters also need, not only to be whats new, but also the classics. You do not know what is in

from one day to the next. If you discontinue a character, it may only be out for most people a few years, but

some still would like to get that for someone else. So do not discontinue them completely just slack up on

production of those particular ones until they come back in the kids scene again.

With the pre-teen and late teenagers you want to go out into the public and find out what is in and hot

amoung those ages. They are interested in what is hot and cool to get for their friends. Young adults do not

want to get something that is either childish or plain all of the time to put their gifts in. Try to incorporate this

age group in the decision making process because they are old enough to have allowances and part-time

jobs to buy what they want for gifts and accessories.

When you reach adulthood, you are not a child but, you do not want to buy something that is wrapped

in the same thing as what your grandmother would put it in either. So again have something that looks

mature yet festive for singles, newly...