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About Hansbank.

Hansabank was established in 1991. Hansabank purchased 100 per cent of Deutsche-Lettische Bank in Latvia (current Hansabanka) in 1996. Hansabank and Hoiupank (Estonian Savings Bank) merged in 1998. Hansabank purchased Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas through privatisation in 2001. Chairman of the Council of the Hansabank Group is Anders Sahlén. Chairman of the Management Board of the Hansabank Group is Indrek Neivelt. Hansabank`s shares are quoted in the main list of the Tallinn Stock Exchange. Hansabanks mission is to continuously increase the value of the company. By learning customers' needs, the bank can offer them most suitable financial solutions, thus saving customers time and making their everyday life better.


Hansabank Group is the largest financial institution in the Baltic countries with total assets exceeding EUR 5.7 billion and shareholders equity close to EUR 0.6 billion. From nine founding members in 1992, the Group has grown to become the leading banking group in the region with 3.5

million clients, and 6,000 employees. Hansabank Group completed the year 2002 with a net profit of EUR 119.8 million.


Hansabank primarily focuses on medium-sized companies and private individuals with above the average purchasing power; however, as a universal bank, it also serves all customer groups.

Hansabanks home market is the Baltics, but it also serves niche segments in Russia.


* Private Clients

* Corporate Clients


Hansabank Group shares a common personnel policy. The policy is aimed at guaranteeing the competence of all units in carrying out the strategies and goals of the organisation through consistency and staff and maintaining the reputation as a valued employer. Hansabank believes that high motivation of its employees is the guarantee of the best performance.


Hansabank's sponsorship is focused on the Baltic States. As the largest financial institution in the Baltic...